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four students building with blocks
two students writing at table in class
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The Southlawn Latest

Why Choose Southlawn?

In partnership with our families and the community, Southlawn Elementary empowers every student today to take control of their future tomorrow.

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Learning indoors and out

Learning isn’t limited to inside our school. We have a special classroom outside with big rocks to sit on, space to explore, bugs to watch, mountains to observe and clouds to tell us stories. Spending time in nature boosts creativity, improves mental health and promotes physical activity.

diverse group of four children sit on grass enjoying class outdoors

Promoting Student Self-Care

Every classroom at Southlawn is equipped with a “calm down” corner. These can also be found throughout our building. The corners provide a safe space and are equipped with breathing and other strategies students can use to help center themselves.

young girl gives herself a hug to calm down

Southlawn Reaches Beyond Boundaries

The word is out about Southlawn Elementary and it’s GOOD! Our enrollment is growing, due in part to high interest from families OUTSIDE the district who want to be part of this vibrant and diverse school community.

smiling girl in school bus window
Southlawn Elementary

What’s Happening

students gathered around flagpole at Southlawn Elementary